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Our business is designing and building
customized shipping boxes, crates, containers, pallets, packaging, and skids for aerospace, commercial and industrial clientele. We invite unique applications for products or materials of size, shape or weight that require specialized packaging to protect against the hazards of ground or air shipments. We can design special platform boxes with the overall width that conforms with the legal size load.
Export Packing and Shipping in Los Angeles
American Export Packing and Crating offers businesses a cost effective approach to shipping cargo with specialized loading requirements. Our packaging services include:
  • In-house or On-site Construction: The majority of packaging construction is built in our 20,000 sq ft facility located in Santa Fe Spring , CA . For hard to handle bulky cargo, we provide on-site assembly of our custom shipping unit at your location.

  • Export Packing and Shipping in Los AngelesMil-Std 2073/Mil-Std 129-130: We are a “Procedure A” classified contractor and meet MIL-B-26195, MIL-C-104, MIL-C-52950, and MIL-P-15011 standards.

  • Heavy or Oversize: If you have extremely large, heavy or uniquely shaped equipment, our capabilities are uniquely suited to provide shipping solutions for your oversized loads.

  • Container Loading: For container loading applications, we are adept at optimum loading to maximize capacity without sacrificing securing the load to safeguard goods from damaged due to shifting.

  • Flat Rack: Cargo to large to be shipped in a standard container due to extreme weight or excessive size can be shipped on a flat rack. We build heavy duty rack pallets and provide the loading for flat rack shipments.

Custom Packaging and Crating Services Orange County

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